Gel Nail Polish Nano Top No wipe 17 ml

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The latest development of technologists of the nail industry based on ultra-flexible and durable acrylic
polymers. Thus, in the process of development the ingredients exceptionally certificated in the USA and
Europe have been used. That allowed to get a quality and safe product.
The Nano Top formula has increased elasticity and strength. It reliably protects colored gel nail polish
from such troubles as chips, scratches, cracks. Gives the coating a bright glossy shine that lasts the entire
period of wear. Adds depth to the colour of the coating and the nail art.
Medium density and viscosity. Do not spill over, instantly aligns. Comfortable and obedient in work.
During curing in UV/LED lamp it cures quickly and remains flexible- an ideal combination of qualities for
long term wearing of colored gel nail polish and nails protection from mechanical damage. Applying
Nano Top, no wipe in one layer is enough for excellent, long-term results! It cures in LED, UV / LED
lamps for 60 seconds.
Manicure wearability with Nano Top No wipe from 21 days.
Nano Top PNB No wipe
ultra strong and elastic
with a bright and long term shiny gloss
no sharp smell
comfortable and easy to use
provides a fresh manicure more than 21 days!
Bottles are equipped with convenient brushes.