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Shock Top PNB, Gold, No Wipe, 8 ml

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UV/LED Shock Top PNB, Gold, No Wipe – an amazing glossy finish with which your manicure will be visible even from space. This is a reflective top without a sticky layer, densely saturated with gold shimmer. The UV-filter in the top will protect your coating, and the reflective particles will sparkle like precious crystals.
Shock Top PNB, Gold has a high degree of viscosity, which guarantees the most comfortable application. Gold particles are evenly distributed on the nail plate, the surface after polymerization becomes smooth and flawless.
Reflective tops will allow the master to revive the existing palette and expand the range of color coatings for the client. Brilliant coating on all nails or luxurious combined designs – with Shock Top PNB, Gold everything is possible!


Fantastic gleam and shine;
Depth and expressiveness;
Comfortable consistency in work;
Flawless self-alignment;
Perfectly smooth surface;
Period of wearing up to 3 weeks;
Looks great on both dark and light gel polish;
Sparkles even more under artificial lighting, drawing attention to the nails;
Has no residual stickiness after polymerization;
The presence of a UV-filter.


Prepare the nail plate with a PNB buff or a 240 grit file, removing the gloss from the entire surface of the nail.
Apply auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the entire plate.
Apply PNB base.
Remove the dispersion layer with Nail Prep, if necessary.
Apply colored gel polish in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each layer.
Apply UV/LED Shock Top PNB, No Wipe on colored gel polish in 1 middle layer, dry in LED lamp 48W for 2 minutes.