Magnetic Gel Nail Polish PNB Meteorites 04 Lacerta

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Cat’s Eye Gel Polish from the Meteorites 9D collection of the PNB brand in a
multi-faceted emerald color with a "cosmic" volumetric glare effect and lasting up
to three weeks!

This is a new format of fashionable manicures in which there is novelty, luxury.
Stunning saturation of glare allows you to get a 3d effect.
It can be used for monochrome coating as well as gradient design.

Choosing a magnet of a certain shape, size, you can create wide, narrow strips of "cat's eye", at any angle.
The ideal formula determines the ease of use with gel polish. It fits perfectly in one
layer, instantly aligns. Such a manicure looks nontrivial and expensive.
Texture: magnetic, with metallized particles