Nitrile gloves, size S

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Black non-sterile nitrile gloves are ideal for professional manicurists. Such material is maximally safe for frequent use. This is your alternative to latex gloves, which can cause allergic reactions on the skin.
The excellent fit on the hand and the textured material on the fingertips of the gloves create the effect of a "second skin", it is convenient and comfortable to work in them. Forget about slipping, the effect of "sliding" of tools in the hand and any discomfort.
Nitrile gloves comply with the European Directives on medical equipment: 93/42/EC, 89/686/EEC.

You will not notice these gloves during work:

elastic and strong;
guarantee protection of your skin from chemical, aggressive substances;
perfect fit due to the unique properties of nitrile and the wrapped edge of the cuff;
universal, both for the right and for the left hand;
suitable for long-term use;
a great alternative for masters who are prone to allergic reactions.

Set: 100 pcs.
Material: nitrile
Color: black
Size: S (6-7)