Lint-free wipes in a tube, 400 pcs.

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PNB lint-free wipes in a tube 一 are indispensable assistants of masters in creating a perfect manicure. Non-woven napkins are made of spunlace, they do not leave lint, marks or scratches. They are used to remove the dispersion layer, treat nails with disinfectant liquids or for other purposes of the master. The optimal size is 6×6 cm.
The format of wipes in a tube is extremely convenient and comfortable to work with. The tube can be placed at the workplace, which guarantees tidiness and saves your time, because lint-free wipes will always be at hand.


do not leave lint and scratches;
have excellent absorption properties;
soft and extremely high-quality;
optimal size;
convenient format in a tube, napkins are always at hand;
suitable for both professional and home use.

The size of the wipe: 6×6 cm
Number of wipes in a tube: 400 pcs.
Material: spunlace
Color: white