Container for metered flow of auxiliary liquid, 60 ml

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A convenient cylinder-shaped container with a pump will become an indispensable assistant for the master on the desktop. The use of such a container guarantees an economical consumption of both liquids (degreaser, disinfectant, or liquid for removing varnish or a sticky layer) and the time of the master.
There is no need to open / close the jars, it is enough to press the pump and a sufficient amount of liquid will be on a lint-free wipe or sponge.
Thanks to the use of this container format, the liquid does not evaporate, but is always ready for use.

Choosing such a container, you get more than you expected, because it has the following advantages:

cylindrical shape with a pump;
the optimal volume is 60 ml;
the liquid does not evaporate and is always ready for use;
saving the master's time, does not require opening/closing;
laconic design of the container, which will fit perfectly into the workplace of a professional master;
ideal for both professional and home use.

Material: plastic
Volume: 60 ml
Format: cylindrical container with a pump
Colors: white and black