Protect Glow Top, with UV-filter, no wipe, 17 ml

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UV/LED Protect Glow TOP PNB is a gel polish fixer no wipe with a UV-filter. Gives any gel polish an ultra-glossy shine, protects the manicure from chips and cracks, does not fade during the wearing of a manicure. The nails get a luxurious shine and glossy smoothness. The crystal-transparent texture of the top doesn’t leave a yellowish tint, and UV-filters add extra whiteness to the manicure. It creates a high-quality waterproof layer.
Why do you need it so much? This is a top that never fails!

elastic and strong at the same time. Medium-density — softly and evenly cover the nail plate in a thin layer;
doesn’t flow beyond the nail plate. Protects pigment against burnout for 14 days and will never turn yellow, thanks to UV-filters in the composition;
gives a French manicure extra whiteness. It has no residual stickiness after polymerization, which simplifies coating and saves time. It has a nice gloss during the wearing of a manicure;
the brush has the optimal shape, it is made of high quality materials and will allow you to apply the product accurately, without unnecessary drips;
it contains only safe ingredients according to the 7-free* standard;

Enough arguments? Let’s make an order!

Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, removing gloss from the nail plate.
Apply the auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the nail plate.
Apply PNB base.
Remove the dispersion layer with Nail Prep.
Apply color gel polish in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each layer in the lamp.
Apply UV/LED Protect Glow TOP PNB. The polymerization time in a 48-watt lamp is at least 1 minute.

It has a bluish glow in the lamp and a slightly bluish tint in daylight, therefore it is not recommended for applying on dark shades of gel polish.