Porcelain Top, No wipe 8 ml

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UV/LED Porcelain Top, No wipe – milk top without a sticky layer. The "middle ground" between a transparent and a milky white top. Translucent, blurred shade, which resembles skimmed milk in a glass. This top creates a milky veil on a gradient or color without additional сovering.
Porcelain Top will add depth to the design, expensive and well-groomed look of the coating. The "ivory" effect will fill with a noble glow and will help to smooth out a gradient. This top is perfect for the technique «baby boomer».
Ideal for covering gel-shaped nails, for creating an aquarium design, for covering sequins and softening their shine. The best solution for popular "Accent" gradient techniques.

Has no residual stickiness after polymerization;
Does not leave a striped effect (has an uniform pigmentation);
Does not give yellowness;
It has a liquid, self-leveling consistency;
Does not chip;
Hides the defects of the nail plate;
Hides small scratches after filling the surface;
Saves time of work of the master;
It contains only safe raw materials, according to the 7-free standard.

Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, removing the gloss from the entire surface of the nail.
Apply auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control on the entire nail plate.
Apply the PNB base.
Remove the dispersion layer with Nail Prep, if necessary.
Apply colored gel polish in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each layer.
Apply the Porcelain Top, no wipe on colored gel polish in 1 thin layer (polymerization time in a UV lamp 2 minutes or in an LED lamp 90 seconds).
Recommendations: if the top has not been used for a long time, then, before use, it is necessary to turn the bottle upside down and roll between the palms, for uniform distribution of a pigment.