Gel Nail Polish Express Top no wipe PNB 30 ml

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Long-awaited novelty from Professional Nail Boutique!
In an improved formula with the effect of stylish "wet" shine!
A Top Coat for gel nail polish without dispersion (sticky) layer.  Can also be used as a finishing coat for artificial nails. Fits thinly, without adding extra thickness to the nail plate. Suitable for application of the shine powder. Flexible, has "wet nail" effect. It has no UV.


The formula and structure of the top is ideal for completing a gel nail polish manicure on natural nails and extended nails using modelling gel and acrylic systems 


Hardwearing, durable coating, no cracks or chips 

Medium viscosity

Easy to apply, minimal consumption. 

Color Protection

Reflective micro pigments retain the coating color longer and provide a shine with wet nail effect, prevent yellowing. 

Saving time and money

It's applied in a thin layer.
It is cured in UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED, UV/LED lamps -30 sec. (48 watts), 60 sec. (less than 48 watts).
*The 30 ml bottle does not include a brush.