Callus Remover 500 ml, Acid Foot Peeling

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Callus Remover PODO SPA PNB, STRONG 一 new remover for pedicure.
Callus Remover PODO SPA PNB, STRONG 一 is a new acid peeling for feet. This product contains an optimal combination of lactic acid and tea tree oil, which provides effective and painless removal of calluses, calluses and helps to get rid of cracks.
Finally, returning the natural softness of the feet is easy! This innovative acid peeling will become your indispensable assistant in the fight against imperfections of the skin of the feet. Thanks to the molecular STRONG composition, you will achieve flawless results in just 10 minutes.
It can be used during a hardware or classic pedicure. Already after the first use, you will see a stunning effect, and after several applications, the skin of the heels becomes soft and elastic.

Open the door to the tenderness and beauty of your feet with Callus Remover PODO SPA PNB, STRONG!

the active STRONG formula of an increased action penetrates into the roughened layers of the skin, effectively dissolving keratinization;
quick result, perfect feet even after the first use;
effectively removes dead cells, making your skin healthier and more elastic;
ease of use;
versatility, because peeling is suitable for all skin types, regardless of the degree of keratinization;
persistent effect with regular use;
uncompromising quality. A product created by nail aesthetics professionals who guarantee high quality and safe use.


Application method:

Make a warm foot bath. After some time, dry your feet with a towel.
Using gloves, apply Callus Remover PODO SPA PNB, STRONG to problem areas for 5-10 minutes. To improve the effect, you can wrap the feet with a film.
Be sure to wash off the rest of the product with warm water and remove the footprints with a cutter or saw. If necessary, apply the product again.
After completing the acid pedicure procedure, apply a moisturizing foot cream.

Attention: when working with Callus Remover PODO SPA PNB, STRONG, follow the specified exposure time of the product. 
Callus Remover PODO SPA PNB, STRONG is not recommended for use in case of:

exacerbation of skin diseases;
superficial skin damage: open wounds, fresh scratches, cracks;
allergic reaction to the components of the product.

The product is presented in volumes of 500 ml and 150 ml.