Organic Dry Oil PNB, 15 ml

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Organic Dry Oil PNB is a dry oil for cuticles and nails that is rich in vitamins and active ingredients. This is an alternative to ordinary oil, because the product does not leave a greasy film. The oil is absorbed in a matter of seconds, the skin seems to drink a nourishing elixir.
Organic Dry Oil PNB 一 is the embodiment of beauty and care in one bottle. Testing the ingredient combinations took some time, but it was worth it. An impeccable combination was found: a complex of argan, grape seed, peach, soybean oils, the smallest particles of 24-carat gold and vitamin E.
By choosing Organic Dry Oil PNB, you will get more than you expected. The functional effect of this product is impressive:

Immediate effect of intensive moisturizing. Dry oil quickly penetrates the deep structure of the cuticle and nail plate. The skin around the nail becomes smooth, tender, elastic, and the nails are stronger.
Nutrition and care. The unique formula of Organic Dry Oil PNB contains a high concentration of components that support the health of the cuticle, improving its condition and promoting the growth of healthy nails. And the presence of elements of 24-karat gold in the composition give the skin a fantastic look.
Strengthening and protection. Organic Dry Oil PNB has a powerful effect of strengthening the nail plate, making it less fragile and vulnerable to external influences.

Give your skin a touch of nature with Organic Dry Oil PNB!


quick absorption of the product with the help of an ultra-light formula. The absence of a greasy film prevents the appearance of any stains, speeds up the completion of the manicure procedure, and allows you to immediately create flawless photo/video content for social networks.
multifunctional action. The best care for cuticles and nails, which combines hydration, nutrition, strengthening and protection.
universal product. It can be used for the final stage of the manicure and pedicure procedure.
has a cumulative effect. In the case of regular use, the condition of the skin and nail plate improves significantly.

Enjoy the beauty and health of your nails today! Choose Organic Dry Oil PNB.

Before covering:

Perform a manicure.
Distribute Organic Dry Oil PNB over the surface of the cuticle and nail with rubbing movements.
Grind the cuticle and side ridges with a corundum bit to smooth the skin and give it a flawless look.
In case of application of gel polish materials, be sure to wipe the nail plate with Nail Prep PNB.

For pedicure:

Apply Organic Dry Oil PNB dry oil on the surface of the foot with massaging movements.
Polish the skin with a milling cutter.

As the final stage of the nail procedure:

Apply PNB Organic Dry Oil to the cuticle.
Distribute the product with massaging movements.

The product is available in a volume of 15 ml.