UV/LED Builder Gel Milky Way PNB, 15 ml NEW FORMULA

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PNB UV/LED Builder Gel, Milky Way – is a construction gel for modeling, which has an elegant milky shade.

The improved gel formula has enhanced self-leveling properties and a pliable consistency that will make the work process a real pleasure.

The medium-viscosity hypoallergenic gel will be a reliable helper for both experienced manicure professionals and beginners.

Exquisite milk color with a little transparency will emphasize the unsurpassed architecture and will be the №1 choice among the most demanding ladies. With Builder Gel, Milky Way manicure will stay neat for up to 4 weeks, and chips, peeling or yellowing can be forgotten forever!

The range of application of Builder Gel, Milky Way satisfies many needs of masters of nail aesthetics: strengthening of a nail plate, modeling on forms/tips, perfect lengthening of a nail bed, camouflage of shortcomings of natural nails by a magnificent milk shade.

With Builder Gel, Milky Way modeling will become your special feature.

flawless self-alignment;
comfortable consistency of medium viscosity;
safe 7-free composition;
ideal for work in technique without filling;
luxurious milk pigment;
hypoallergenic material for monochrome modeling and creating trendy designs.


Perform standard preparation of the nail plate: grind nails with a buff 180 g, or process with a saw 240 g, remove dust.
Apply to the entire Nail Dhydrator plate.
Apply to the entire Bond Control plate, air dry for up to 1 minute.
Apply Universal Base by rubbing for 1 minute in a PNB lamp.
We pass a thin uniform layer of milk gel on a nail surface, we do not reach a cuticle in 1,5 mm, we do not dry.
Gather a drop on the brush and distribute it on the surface, creating an apex and architecture. Polymerize in Low Heat Mode for 100 seconds.
Remove the sticky layer, dust the surface with a buff.
If it necessary, we use a milling machine to remove the natural nail from the inside, correcting the natural architecture.
Cover the nail with a top, ready!