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UV/LED Builder Gel Nail Cover Pink 15ml

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Camouflage pink gel for modeling nails with high instantly aligns properties, medium viscosity. Used for
modeling nails both on forms and on tips. It masks the defects of the nail plate, optically lengthens the
nail bed, perfectly overlaps the border of the natural nail and the free edge, fits the natural color of
natural nails.
Curing time: in UV lamp 2 minutes, in LED lamp 60 seconds.

 Instruction for application of universal PNB gels
1. Degrease the nail surface by the Nail Prep. We move the cuticle, remove the gloss from the nail plate
with a 180/240 grit buff. After that we remove the dust and apply Nail Dehydraror.
2. Apply an acid (Acid Primer) or an acid-free (Bond Control), depending on the condition of the nail
plate. We use an acid primer when the nail plate is very wet, an acid-free primer is suitable for normal.
Acid Primer must be applied with a half dry brush in a small amount without contacting the skin. It is
evaporating from the nail plate.
3. As a base we can use UV/LED Builder Gel Crystal Clear/Crystal Pink for choice. It is applied in a thin
layer with rubbing movements. We cure in LED lamp 30-60 sec.
4. Set the template alternately on each finger and lay out a thin substrate of desired length and shape,
model the architecture of nails with gel of selected shade. To create an arch, you can press the gel for 7-
12 seconds, depending on the lamp. Then we send the gel to the lamp for 60 seconds.

5. Remove the residual stickiness with Gel Cleanser.
6. We use a 180/240 grit file for creating the necessary shape and length.
7. Apply a UV/LED Top Coat for giving shine and protection against chips and scratches, curing in a
UV/LED lamp  60 sec.
*If the nail plate is thinned, wet – Bio Base can be used as a base coat. It should be applied in a very thin
layer, rubbing it onto the previously prepared nail, curing in the lamp for 30 seconds.
Texture: medium viscosity