UV/LED Builder Gel, Cosmo Milk, 15 ml

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Builder Gel PNB, Cosmo 一 reflective gels for modeling. The spectrum of their use will satisfy any master:

nail extensions on forms/tips;
strengthening of the nail plate;
work in technology without filling;
masking any defects;
optical lengthening of the nail bed;
excellent overlapping of the border of the natural nail and the free edge.

Smart texture impresses with its properties, the gel self-levels on the eyes, does not flow and holds its shape perfectly.
Creating flawless architecture and reflective design at the same time is a reality with Builder Gel PNB, Cosmo. Light-reflecting elements in the modeling system give the coating a cosmic glow when the rays of light hit it and a subtle shine under normal lighting. The material fascinates with its shimmering beauty and exhibits unique visual properties, as if diamond sparkles are running across the coating.

UV/LED Builder Gel, Cosmo Milk 一 milk shade of the reflective gel system. Such an elegant option creates the illusion of enchanting hypnosis on the nails, you want to look at the coating non-stop. The milky pigment with shining particles has an unsurpassed look, both in a monochrome coating and as a basis for trendy designs.

medium degree of viscosity;
instant self-leveling;
does not spread and holds its shape perfectly;
low temperature product;
densely saturated with reflective particles;
ideal consistency of medium viscosity;
safe 7 FREE composition;
a wide range of possibilities;
impeccable in technology without filing;
wow-effect from the glow of reflective elements;
2 in 1, modeling / strengthening and trendy design.


Push back the cuticle and remove the shine from the nail plate with a 180/240 grit file.
Remove dust with a brush, treat the nail plate with Nail Prep.
Apply Nail Dehydrator and acid-free primer Bond Control.
Apply a thin coat of UV/LED Universal / UV/LED Scotch Base PNB  / HEMA FREE Base PNB. Polymerize in a lamp for 60 seconds.
Place templates on each finger in turn and apply a thin layer of desired length and shape using UV/LED Builder Gel, Cosmo.
Create the architecture of the nails with gel, keeping the height of the application no more than 1.5 mm.
Polymerize UV/LED Builder Gel, Cosmo for 60 seconds.
Remove any remaining stickiness with Gel Cleanser.
Shape the nails with a 180 grit file.
Apply a PNB top. Polymerize for 60 seconds.