Strong Iron Gel Natural, 4 ml

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Strong Iron Gel Natural Architect gel for natural shade nail modeling. With the help of a convenient thin Strong Iron Gel Natural brush, the master can easily fix a chipped nail plate and build up a strong free edge of the nail up to 1 cm.
The gel adapts to the natural color of the nail plate and gives a stunning natural effect!
Strong Iron Gel Natural will return damaged nails to their aesthetic value, and with it – a well-groomed and healthy look to the hands, making them neat and beautiful.

Modeling the nail in a natural shade to match the color of the nail plate
Reliable product with extra long-lasting quality
Convenient thin brush will allow even a novice master to do the job right from the bottle without effort and the use of additional tools
Strong Iron Gel Natural with Soak Off formula can be easily removed with a remover, eliminating the risk of damage to the nail plate
The pliable consistency of Strong Iron Gel Natural allows you to easily apply the product, smooth the nail plate and hide minor defects

Technology for working with Natural Strong gel:

With a buff or a file of 240 grit we matte the nail, remove the dust.
Apply Nail Dehydrator
Apply Bond Control primer to the entire surface of the nail plate, without pouring, without excess. Air dry for up to 60 sec.
Apply a thin rubbing layer of transparent Strong Iron gel to the entire surface of the nail plate. Cure for 1 minute in a PNB combi-lamp.
Install the form.
Using a brush from the bottle, we model the free edge of Natural Strong gel, up to 1.5 mm thick. Cure for 1.5 min in a PNB combi-lamp. Remove the stickiness and saw off the free edge.
We build the architecture with transparent Strong Iron gel. Dry for 2 minutes in a combi-lamp. With the sensitive plate, use the LOW HEAT mode.
Remove the stickiness. If necessary, we bring the nail to the ideal with a file. We process it with a buff. Degrease.
We cover with color gel polish in 2 thin layers and top.
Texture: thick, high viscosity