Gel Nail Polish PNB 284, 8 ml

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An intriguing dark blue shade with shimmering sparkle – "Nutcracker." For everyone seeking a magical color for a fashionable manicure, we recommend buying PNB gel polish in this captivating shade.

Also available in an economy-sized 4ml volume. The noble and subdued dark blue color has made it to the top of the latest fashionable manicure trends. It will undoubtedly be one of the most popular colors of the season. It looks luxurious in a monochrome solo version and complements your outfits in any style.

It has the potential to become the highlight of your look. The new color "Nutcracker" is the perfect trendy option for evening outings. The professional formula ensures easy application and a long-lasting finish of up to 25 days without fading of color and shine, and without scratches, cracks, or chips.