Gel Nail Polish PNB 283, 8 ml

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Imagine stars reflecting in the night ocean. That's the kind of beauty the new color "Mermaid" will create on your nails. It's an enchanting violet shade with a shimmering sparkle of the finest shimmer. It exudes mystery, captivating allure, and a fairy-tale shimmer.

This color will be a top choice among admirers of luxurious evening designs. To buy PNB gel polish in the "Mermaid" color, choose either the 4ml or 8ml volume. This coating requires no additional embellishments. It looks abundant, sophisticated, and unconventional.

After applying one or two coats on the nail plate, you'll achieve a smooth finish without any imperfections. The gel polish has strong staying power. You can flaunt this luxurious manicure for up to three weeks.