Strong Iron Gel, Creamy Pink, 8 ml

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An exclusive material that has no analogues on the market, Strong Iron Gel PNB is a gel-architect in a bottle that combines the optimal properties of stiffness and comfortable consistency. Using this product is a pleasure, because a high-quality brush will allow even a novice master to apply the material with ease.
The soak off formula allows you to dissolve the gel using Gel Remover PNB. What is needed to work with clients who are against removing the coating mechanically.
The innovative composition of Strong Iron Gel PNB is enriched with silicon. The polymerized gel is strong and elastic, has a longer wearing time.
Range of use:

reinforcement of an ideal square shape, ultra-strong corners without chips and peeling;
strengthening and leveling of the nail plate;
creation of flawless nail architecture;
extension of the small free edge.

Strong Iron Gel PNB is a new level of quality and comfort.

Creamy Pink — delicate light pink shade of gel with an easy and playful character. Such an elegant color will emphasize the romanticism of your subtle nature and help reveal new facets of mystery. The shade is truly universal, because it will become a real decoration of both an ordinary bow and an image for a special event.

multifunctional product (strengthening, extension, creation of a flawless square shape);
low temperature, no heating during polymerization;
the product is applied directly from the bottle, so it is easy to control;
perfectly distributed over the plate and self-leveling;
does not stretch, does not flow and is used economically;
excellent adhesive properties, guarantee of no chips and peeling;
stable wearing period up to 4 weeks;
safe 7-free formula.

How to use:

Prepare the nail plate with a PNB buff 180 grit or a file with an abrasiveness of 240 grit, removing the gloss from the entire surface of the nail.
Apply the auxiliary liquids: Nail Dehydrator PNB and Bond Control PNB to the entire plate.
Apply a very thin layer of UV/LED Universal Base PNB. Polymerize for 60 seconds in the LED lamp.
If necessary, install the forms. Apply a thin layer of UV/LED Strong Iron Gel PNB, without drying, place a drop of gel in the apex area and stretch it over the entire nail.
Turn your finger over, wait a few seconds, distribute the product with a brush if necessary. Polymerize for 2 minutes.
Remove dispersion layer with Nail Prep PNB as needed.
File the natural nail off.
Apply the PNB top.

The product is available in a volume of 8 ml.