Strong Iron Gel Clear, 50 ml

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Strong Iron Gel is a real revolution among modeling gels! Thanks to the innovative components in the composition, Strong Iron Gel can be called the strongest tool for designing the shape of the nail with extra-stable properties, which significantly distinguishes it from other tools.
This unique gel-architect is an ideal universal tool that is suitable for covering and strengthening natural nails, designing and extending nails, embodying the most daring ideas of the master. It can also be used as a primer or as a rigid base and protection against adverse external influences. Strong Iron Gel with Soak Off formula is easily removed with a remover, eliminating the risk of damage to the nail plate.
The crystal-clear modeling gel rests on the nails with a thin substrate, from the first layer, making them extremely strong. The perfect period of socks for a whole month – forget about chips, cracks and unwanted flakes! “Strong Iron Gel” will leave no doubt about the right choice if you are looking for an ultra-strong foundation for the boldest build.
You no longer need to worry about the ease of use of such tools – the flexible consistency allows you to easily apply the tool, align the nail plate and hide small defects. A convenient brush will allow even a novice master to perform work directly from the bottle without the use of additional tools and effort. No side odors and colors, and, of course, without the use of toxic ingredients. And all this – thanks to the 7-free formula on which the development of all PNB products is based.
Super strong, super strong Strong Iron Gel – the perfect solution for easy nail modeling and strengthening of the nail plate!

Product benefits
EXCLUSIVE! Ten in one! A reliable tool with extra-stable qualities such as: modeling gel, hard base, primer and strengthening of natural nails;
Soak-Off gel formulas belong to the class of soluble in a special liquid. Unlike other gels and acrylics that are removed by mechanical sanding, this gel is easily removed with a remover without damaging the nail.
Strong Iron Gel is a low temperature gel. From the first layer of primer strengthens and fixes the free edge of the nail;
The product is applied directly from the bottle, so it is easy to control. Strong Iron Gel is perfectly distributed on a plate and self-aligns. Does not stretch, does not flow and is used economically.
Excellent adhesion properties. The gel adheres perfectly to natural nails, without chips and flakes. Stable sock period up to 4 weeks!
7-free formula – safe for health, as it does not cause allergic reactions and irritation, does not contain toxic substances.

Instructions for using Strong Iron Gel:
Degrease the nail plate with NAIL DEHYDRATOR.
Next, apply an acid-free primer BOND CONTROL on the entire surface of the plate.
Wait one minute and apply the gel in a thin layer, departing from the cuticle by 2 mm. Dry in a lamp for 1 minute.
Then, using a template, make a gel substrate. Dry again for a minute.
After, again apply the product on the entire surface of the nail to smooth the natural nail and the substrate. Dry for 60 seconds.
We start modeling of the form: we put gel in a thin layer, we add on not dried nail one drop, we turn a finger and we wait some time, if necessary we distribute means a thin brush.
Dry for one minute. If the nails are thin and weak – it is better to do it separately with one finger.
Next you need to remove the sticky layer. If necessary – you can saw.
Apply colored gel polish and make the desired design.
After manicure, apply a top coat.
That’s it: long and beautiful nails of perfect shape are ready!*The 50 ml bottle does not include a brush.
Texture: thick, high viscosity