Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 269, 4 ml

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An intense and vibrant chestnut color with a pleasant reddish undertone will play beautifully on nails of any shape and length. It looks luxurious and "appetizing". It plays with shades under different lighting conditions, making it an ideal choice for trendy fall and winter manicures.

It looks great and stands out on its own as a solo color. It's both striking and understated at the same time. You can confidently choose it as an elegant option for office looks, stylish everyday outfits, or as a glamorous nail decoration for a night out.

Using this shade, you can create stunning nail art to match any style of clothing. The new luxurious hue comes in a mini 4ml bottle. PNB gel polish's modern professional formula ensures the safety of your natural nails and makes application easy, even for at-home manicures.