Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 272, 4 ml

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Take note of the new trendy color, Rafael. It's an unusual olive-green shade. Warm and beautiful, designed specifically for unique manicures. It will look fantastic in any autumn look and on nails of any length or shape.

The original olive color is highly sought after in the nail service industry. For those who enjoy decorating their nails with new shades, we recommend buying PNB gel polish in the economical 4ml bottle. This is a stunning stand-alone color that will stylishly shine as a solo coating.

If you wish to create an elegant manicure for a special occasion, we suggest using a matte top coat and adding golden accents. Paint a black abstract design on it, and your trendy olive-green manicure will exude a touch of extravagance. If you want a softer look, embellish it with delicate white lace patterns.