Gel Nail Polish PNB 279, 8 ml

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Indulge in the luxurious dark plum shade with an exquisite glossy finish. Buying the PNB gel polish in the new color "1001 Nights" is a must for those who appreciate elegantly restrained nail looks.

This color is reminiscent of the magic of Arabian nights—mysterious and enticing, it captivates and enchants from the first application. The "1001 Nights" gel polish will be a sought-after trendy shade among nail professionals. For those who love to adorn their nails themselves, there's a cost-effective 4ml economy version available.

A manicure in this shade complements both a professional ensemble and an evening gown equally beautifully. The patented professional formula ensures ease of application, providing a flawlessly smooth, long-lasting coverage that stays unchanged on the nails for up to three weeks.