Gel Nail Polish PNB 278, 8 ml

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Introducing a new color for lovers of unconventional solutions! It's a deep gray shade with an exquisite shimmer, creating the effect of a snowy January sky.

It's a beautiful and intriguing color! You can buy the PNB gel polish in the Snow Queen shade in an economical volume. It looks fantastic and not dull as a solo coverage and can serve as a base for the most interesting manicure designs. It's a practical choice as gray pairs well with white, black, pink, silver, or practically any other shade.

Another advantage of this sparkling gray coverage is that it doesn't overpower or clash with your outfit. It's formulated with a professional composition, rich pigmentation, and a hypoallergenic formula. Applying two thin layers is enough to achieve an ideal, smooth surface that will last flawlessly for three weeks or more.