Gel Nail Paint PNB Gold Fusion, 5 ml

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Fusion Gel Paint PNB, Gold 一 professional gel paint of golden color for creating spectacular designs. Finally, you can realize all creative, courageous and luxurious ideas, because the release of the brightest novelty in the world of nail art will happen right now!
Fusion Gel Paint PNB, Gold, as if by a wave of a magic wand, will turn your nails into a real masterpiece. This unique gel paint has intense pigmentation and extra durability properties that provide a flawless result for a long time. The product creates an unsurpassed effect of casting and liquid gold, the final result is impressive.
Fans of silver gel paint will finally have a mega combo 一 silver & gold in their arsenal to create special designs.
Your manicure is the embodiment of luxury and elegance with Fusion Gel Paint PNB, Gold.

Unlimited opportunities to realize your creative potential await you with Fusion Gel Paint PNB, Gold. This multifunctional product conquers with a wide range of applications:

suitable for applying accents to all types of gel polish or gel coating;
will help implement any experiments in nail art. Create unique patterns, gradients, art French or use the product to apply details in the design that will add a special charm.
creating stylizations for all occasions. Both for everyday looks and for important events.


incredible shine and effect of liquid gold;
intense pigmentation, impeccable concentration of pigments ensures a perfect result from the first layer;
high degree of viscosity, does not spread;
economic consumption of material;
resistant to the influence of external factors, because it is made of high-quality and safe ingredients;
ease of application is ensured by a comfortable texture and consistency. Uniform coverage without a streaky effect;
universal 一 professional result even at home;

With this gel paint, you will shine like a real star! You deserve the best, so choose Fusion Gel Paint PNB, Gold!

mix the gel paint before use;
gel paint cannot be applied in a thick layer. Choose a thin layer for better polymerization;
we recommend finishing the nail art with gold gel paint with Express Top PNB.

Method of use:

Apply Fusion Gel Paint PNB, Gold in a thin layer and wait 30-60 seconds before polymerization for the pigment to settle.
Polymerize in a combi lamp for 2 minutes.

The product is available in a volume of 5 ml.