Scissors style nippers PODO 10 7 mm

  • cutting edges with inclination;
  • cutting part with protrusion;
  • impeccable sharpness and full cutting edge pinching due to professional manual multi-stage sharpening;
  • classic finger hole size.
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    • Podology scissors-style nippers.
    • Blade length 7 mm.
    • Cutting part with protrusion “heel”.
    • The cutting part is straight with an inclination.
    • Beveled edges for a comfortable view of the treated area.
    • Used in podology to remove corns and local keratinization, to treat the edges of cracks, lateral nail folds, keratinized part of the cuticle.
    • Impeccable sharpness and complete closure of the cutting edges due to professional multi-level manual sharpening.
    • Smooth and easy tool stroke due to the perfect fit and grinding of the joint planes.
    • Classic ring size.
    • Durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is provided by polishing with GOI paste.
    • Can be subject to all types of sterilization and disinfection.
    • A protective cap for safe storage of the tool in a set.

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