Professional ingrown nail nippers SMART 71 14 mm

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  • suitable for correction of thin and softer nail plates
  • suitable for pedicure
  • easy removal of ingrown nails with special slim, narrow working surface
  • manually sharpened cutting edges prevent nail splitting
  • exceptional metal hardness allows nippers to stay sharp for longer
  • burly curved handles guarantee comfortable grip
  • fine pivot surface sanding guarantees smooth, seamless stroke
  • medical grade stainless steel

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  • Professional nippers for ingrown nails .
  • Blade length 14 mm .
  • Suitable for correction of the free edge of a thin and soft nail plate .
  • Convenient for removing an ingrown nail due to a special thin, narrowed working part .
  • “safe” blunt tips prevent the risk of injury .
  • Reduced risk of nail splitting due to sharp, manually sharpened cutting edges .
  • Nippers retain sharpening for a long time and stay sharp due to the high hardness of the metal .
  • The tool fits comfortably in hand thanks to the massive curved handles .
  • The double spring is durable and provides a soft stroke of the tool .
  • Smooth, even opening stroke due to careful polishing of the joint .
  • Additional resistance of the tool to corrosion, which is provided by polishing with GOI paste .
  • High-alloy stainless steel .
  • Resistant to sterilization in a dry-heat oven and autoclave .
  • Can be subject to disinfection with a special agent .
  • Designed for pedicure.

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