Palette Case PNB, Black & White

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A stylish accessory for the master of modeling and nail design. Glossy black
rectangular case with rounded edges. Equipped with 12 cells and a white insert
panel with an additional 12 compartments. It has an additional recess for
comfortable placement of 2 PNB brushes. It is convenient to work with the penal
palette when creating an art manicure using several colors or types of materials,
experimenting by mixing different colors and materials, adding new, unique shades
and textures to your collection. The practical PNB pencil case is an indispensable
accessory for storing and transporting small amounts of different non-fluid
materials: dense gel paints, gel pastes, gel jelly, gel plasticine, etc.  Favorite palette
in a compact form is always at hand! Easy to care for. Cleanable with a lint-free
wipe soaked in Nail Prep PNB or Gel Cleanser PNB.
Size:185 x 75 x 20 mm