Ecobag Style PNB

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Ecobag Style PNB is a shopper made of high-quality natural fabric, which will be a practical, useful and, of course, a beautiful and stylish accessory in your fashionable look.

We paid special attention to the look of the ecobag. We have developed a sophisticated design that combines trendy shape and versatile colors. A harmonious duet of black and beige will perfectly fit into your fashionable bow.

Ecobag Style PNB will become a trendy and useful accessory in any situation: on a walk, shopping, picnic, going with a book to the park or beach, traveling, etc.

Eco bag Style PNB is incredibly practical and convenient, does not lose its look even after many washes and is compactly stored.
The main feature is that it does not harm nature and can reflect your attitude towards the world. If you care about the environment with love in your heart and are looking for a fashionable ecobag, then the Ecobag Style PNB is the perfect option. Benefits:
natural material – 100% cotton;
stylish design;
ergonomic shape;
comfortable, sturdy handles;

You can make this world better right now, it is enough to develop the habit of carrying an ecobag and giving up plastic bags. The stylish design and impeccable quality will not leave any fashionista indifferent!
Type: shopper
Fabric: twill (100% cotton)
Dimensions: 45x35x20 cm
Color: beige