Aroma Candle PNB, Magic Forest

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Scented candles are an indispensable part of home comfort. This is an ideal solution for creating a special atmosphere and filling the room with a soft, pleasant aroma. Aroma Candle PNB is appropriate in different situations: for work, meditation, relaxation.

They have one unusual feature – they can be used to create charity and goodness. By buying a scented candle, you help children with cancer to get on the path of confident recovery in such a difficult time.

Magic Forest. This wonderful candle scent has a unique coniferous bouquet. This smell in the room affects the creative activity, creating an additional influx of energy. The fresh and unobtrusive aroma of pine needles has wonderful tonic, soothing and healing effects. Add a special accent to the atmosphere of your home with Aroma Candle PNB, Magic Forest.

Incredible crackling sound when burning;
Burning time more than 9 hours;
A small candle with a big mission – to help children with cancer;
Unique frosty patterns after each use;
100% environmental and safety for your health;
Cozy aroma.

Products are available to order in a volume of 40 ml.