UV/LED Web Gel Neon Orange PNB

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UV/LED WEB-GEL NEON Orange PNB is a neon web-gel with which beautiful geometric drawings with thin lines are
easily and simply made, and the air designs are created perfectly.
Neon Orange — оттенок, вдохновленный pomme d'orange и оттенками нарядов непревзойденной
принцессы Маргарет Тюдор.

Super viscous, elastic material – the viscous consistency of the gel allows you to apply the thinnest
and most accurate lines that do not break!!
High web-gel pigmentation is the most important quality, thanks to which, even the thinnest line will be bright.
In case of contact with the nail plate,it is immediately attached to it due to its stickiness.
This material will allow you to quickly and easily create geometric designs,bizarre twists, exclusive images, volume and 3D drawings.
Working with this material will not be difficult,even for a beginner.

Made hardware or combined manicure;
Degrease the nail plate by applying a primer (Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control) on the plate and cover with a base;
Apply colored gel polish PNB (1-2layers);
Let's start with the design. If your task is a geometric design, it is better to take a web-gel with a brush
or dots. Take the product out of the jar, put a dot on the nail, and take in the right direction. The
polymerization time in the LED Lamp is 60 seconds, in a UV Lamp – 120 seconds.
If the client wants to decorate in the style of "abstraction", then WEB GEL NEON PNB must be taken
from the jars with a finger in gloves. Squeeze your thumb and forefinger together and separate. We
get a lot of thin lines that need to be transferred to the nail. The polymerization time in an LED Lamp is
60 seconds, in a UV Lamp -120 seconds.
Finally, we cover with a top PNB.
We recommend covering the web-gel with a top with a UV filter (Protect Glow TOP, ExtraPRO Top).