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Silver spider gel. Super elastic and viscous material. Thanks to such properties, it’s
easy and fast to create geometric designs, fancy intricacies, exclusive images.
Even the thinnest lines are clear and do not break off. The finest lines or lines of
various heights and thicknesses in one design, the use of rhinestones, broths,
prints of foil and other additional decor – a variety of options for nail art with WEB
Gel! You can work with any convenient tool: thin brushes, dots, sponge and even
master gloves.
1. Apply to any gel, gel polish coating after removing the sticky layer.
2. When working with a brush or dots, the material is typed on the tip of the
tool, a dot is placed on the surface of the nail and stretched in the desired
directions, creating a pattern.  The thickness of the lines depends on the thickness
of the tool and the degree of stretching of WEB Gel.
3. It cures in UV lamps 36 Watts – 2 minutes, in LED, UV/LED – 60 seconds.
4. The top coating depends on the desired effect in design and the use of
additional decor (foil, rhinestones, beads, etc.). When using additional decor
design covered by top coat.
If the spider gel is applied to the top coated nail, then, accordingly, it is not
necessary to cover it again.