PolyFlex Nail Gel White PNB, 5 ml

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Bright white, not clear, densely pigmented material. Is perfect to create a shape of a bright smile line. The supple and controlled consistency of the soft plasticine allows you to put out the material as long as you want. PolyFlex Gel is a hybrid of two modelling systems: gel and acrylic. It possesses plasticity and elasticity of gel, durability and convenience of acrylic using. To create the perfect white line in a French manicure you need a PolyFlex Gel White, brush + spatula 2 in1 and Nail Prep, an auxiliary liquid from the main line of gel polish system PNB. You can simulate as long as you like, until the desired result is achieved. The consistency of the material remains constant, does not flow out and cures only during the polymerization process. It does not have any residual stickiness. Depending on the shape and thickness of the laid out material, we can cure in UV / LED lamps for 2 minutes, in 36 Watt LED lamps – 2,5 – 3 minutes. For fast and complete curing process, we recommend to use clear forms or pre-making a non-color substrate from Poly Flex Gel Clear. Consumption of PolyFlex Gel White, when modeling a smile line on a medium-length nail, depending on the thickness and architecture is 0,75 – 1g.