PolyFlex Nail Gel Cool Pink PNB 5 ml

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Natural, cool pink, clear material from the PolyFlex Gel system. Gives the nails a healthy, natural look, also is used for modeling various nail architectures and for strengthening a thin, exhausted nail plate. And also for restoration of the traumatized nail plate, correction of nails for rodent lovers. Cure in UV/LED lamps 1 minute. Without a sticky layer. PolyFlex Gel has a unique, absolutely controllable to the master consistency and combines the advantages of acrylic and gel systems modeling. It’s a really good choice for the manicure master and her client, because this gel is without sharp smell and flying dust, has hypoallergenic components. Easy in work, as soft plasticine, allows to form architecture of a nail in one drop. Soft, minimal sawdust, an important in saving of time and material. Packaging as a jar eliminates overspending. The material laid on the nail does not change its shape and consistency, so it can be modeled until the desired result is achieved. Perfect for both beginners and professionals in the nail aesthetic. Do it easy, simple and with pleasure!