PolyFlex Nail Gel Clear PNB 15 ml

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Clear, colorless material of the PolyFlex Gel system. Universal in its application: for modelling of all shapes, strengthening nails, restorations. It cures 60 sec. in UV/LED lamp.
PolyFlex Gel is a hybrid of acrylic and gel modelling systems. It has taken only pluses from the both: strength and convenience of acrylic laying, plasticity and elasticity of the gel. It has the consistency of soft plasticine. Therefore, it is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Work in one drop, lightweight, soft sawdust is a significant saving of time and material. The jar-packaging eliminates material overspending. Without sharp smell and flying dust! Does not bake in a lamp! Without a sticky layer. Modeling and strengthening without monomer. NailPrep from the main line of PNB gel polish system is used as a special fluid. Other PolyFlex Gel system products:
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Camouflage PolyFlex Gel Warm Pink, Cool Pink, Clear Pink and a special tool for working with the system is a brush and spatula 2 in1.