Gel Nail Polish ExtraPro Top PNB 8 ml

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PNB Top Coat
ExtraPRO Rubber rich formula PNB is a generation of NEXT rubber gel coats. Laboratory experiments
with different temperature conditions, moisture tests and strength tests resulted in a molecular
enrichment of the original Rubber Top formula.
Thick and dense
 Possesses high elasticity
 With perfect adhesion
 Instantly aligns
 No sharp smell
 Does not spill out
Extra persistent and extra bright gel nail polish manicure now is a reality! 3 weeks is not the limit!
Video presentation: overview of rubber base and top ExtraPRO PNB
It has a thicker, denser consistency.
Doesn't spill out.
Instantly aligns.
Provides the most reliable adhesion with the next layer of color gel nail polish and / or with decorative
Strengthens and provides extra elasticity to the nail plate
Rhinestones, rivets, pearls with PNB ExtraPRO Top – now in manicure for exactly as long as you want it!
It is cured in UV lamp for 3 minutes, in LED, UV/LED lamps – 60 seconds.
PNB ExtraPRO coatings are removed within 10-15 minutes by soaking with a cotton pad in a Gel
Remover PNB fluid and with foil wrapping.
Nail art with ExtraPRO Top Coat PNB will delight you until your next visit to the manicure master, at least
28 days!