Melt Look Base UV/LED 8 ml

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Melt Look UV/LED Base PNB is a new story in the life of nail aesthetics.
Universal nail art base coating PNB Melt Look ("Melting Effect") allows you to experiment with countless design options, using the technique of painting on wet gel polish!
Clear, colorless, structured consistency of Melt Look Base PNB is developed for designs with different effects:
Airy, voluminous watercolor drawings
Painting with the effect of natural stone
In the style of oil painting.
Decor combined with a melting pattern and others
To create a colorful masterpiece will help any colored PNB gel polish.
Special colored gel coats are not required for watercolor designs!
Possibilities of "melting" variations of drawings are unlimited: flower motifs, abstraction, animalistic fantasies, combination of drawing techniques on wet and cured covering!
"Melting", watercolor drawings are filled with new meaning.
From simple to complex – with Melt Look UV/LED Base PNB everything is possible!