Camouflage rubber base PNB, Sunflower, yellow, 8 ml

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Sunflower, yellow — take this yellow base into work, because this sunny color is associated with
lightness, joy, a positive attitude, and carelessness. The base carries a bright shade that gives
life to all living things on the planet. Even though the warm yellow shade is associated with the
spring-summer season, but even in winter, they can be a good option for every day.
Amazing shades, perfect consistency, enhanced adhesion, amazing self-leveling, safe 7-free
formula, incredible application, and a pleasure for the master – all that is needed for a fast and
delicious finish!

elasticity and plasticity of the material;
high level of adhesion — better adhesion to the nail plate and the next layer of gel polish;
doesn’t spread, is evenly distributed;
strengthens the nail plate;
7-free composition;
doesn’t injure the nail plate;
doesn’t chip;
doesn’t hurt in a lamp;
beautiful shade;
long-wearing time.

It is applied to the previously treated with a dehydrator Nail Dehydrator and an acid-free primer
Bond Control nail plate in 1-2 thin layers.
The first layer is applied with a rubbing motion in the case of smoothing or modeling.  The
second layer is applied denser, modeling.
Polymerize each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED, UV/LED lamps — 60 seconds.
Available in volume: 8 ml