Camouflage rubber base PNB, Rose quartz 50 ml

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Camouflage base PNB, Rose Quartz – the soft pink glitter of the shimmer base is an ideal option to give your nails extra luxury and shine. A very gentle pink shade with flickering, like a diamond crumb shimmer, will be a luxurious base for a French manicure, or as a monochromatic coating that will sparkle with an exquisite shine. Perfectly masks irregularities and other imperfections of natural nails. It has an optimally viscous texture for aligning the nail plate. The density of the pigment provides good coverage, and the fine shimmer gives the manicure a touch of chic.


Elasticity and plasticity of the material;
High level of adhesion – better adhesion to the nail plate and the next layer of gel polish coating;
Does not spread;
Strengthens the nail plate;
7-free composition;
No pungent odor;
Does not injure the nail plate;
Does not chip;
Does not hurt in a lamp;
Has a beautiful shade;
Long wearing time;
Reduces the time of the master by ~ 10-15 minutes.


Prepare the nail plate with a buff PNB 180 grit or file, with abrasiveness 240 grit, removing the gloss from the entire surface of the nail.
Apply auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the entire plate.
Apply a very thin layer of UV / LED Scotch Base / Universal Base PNB.
Apply a very thin layer of UV/LED Camouflage Base PNB with a rubbing movements, pack the free edge and dry for 60 seconds.
Apply a second layer of base, place a drop of base on the highest point of the nail and stretch it evenly to the free edge, dry for 60 seconds in an LED lamp.
Apply gel polish / make a design / cover with a top.*The 50 ml bottle does not include a brush.