BIO Base Coat, 17 ml

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BIO Basic coating PNB
Special basic nail care product with a triple action complex: protection, strengthening and durability.

Protection – polymeric mesh, which is formed after coating and curing, protects the nail plate and
facilitates easy removal without damaging the nails.
Strengthening – contains biologically active components, vitamins A, E and B5 needed for maximum
strength, as well as to improve the growth of the nail plate.
Stability – due to its elasticity and adhesive properties, provides a uniform application of color coating,
its strong adhesion to the base, which guarantees durability, strength and flexibility of gel nail polish
coating, without cracks and chips.

UV/LED BIO Base PNB information: 

After performing hygienic manicure, buff the shine off of each nail, degrease nail plate by Nail
Dehydrator PNB.
Apply a thin layer of acid-free primer Bond Control PNB, covering the entire nail and end face. We
give time to dry, 30 seconds.
Apply a thin layer of BIO base coat PNB in a rubbing motion, "sealing" the side parts and the end of
the nail. We cure in UV lamp 2 minutes, in LED, UV/LED lamp – 60 seconds.

PNB tips 
When modeling the apex or, if necessary, strengthen the thin nail plate after curing, apply a second
coat of BIO Base PNB base coating. We help to distribute the coating with a brush on the nail surface.
We cure it. Remove the residual stickiness.
With the help of BIO Base PNB base coating it is easy to give a perfect shape to thin, exhausted nails, to
enlarge the missing free edge, to "repair" chips and cracks.
When decorating nails with rhinestones, rivets, pearls, we recommend using BIO Base PNB as a base
covering and ExtraPRO Top PNB as a top coat – an ideal top covering, with which the elements of decor
in manicure will remain until the next visit to the manicure master.
PNB recommendations 
Bio base coating PNB has a structured formula in the form of a polymer mesh. To avoid dilution and to
preserve the properties and structure of the coating, it is not recommended to shake and stir