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PNB podo-disc with removable files — it’s a comfort, convenience, reliability, compliance with safety standards — an individual disk for each client, practicality, and ideal result in a pedicure. With this tool, the nail stylist does not have to work for hours with a file around the client’s feet to make them perfectly smooth and soft.

The pedicure disk copes with the task twice as fast as a saw: the device with pedicure disks can process skin quickly and without effort, even a strong degree of roughening, for example, the so-called “diabetic foot”. For a nail stylist with a busy schedule, it is very important to buy a tool that will withstand daily use and will last a long time. A PNB pododisc with removable files is what a true pro needs!

stainless steel, which will preserve the aesthetic appearance and practicality, even during regular sterilization and disinfection;
a ruler of the sizes that will allow the master to work without any load and select the desired size;
much less heat during operation, against the background of similar products on the market;
the lightweight of a podisk thanks to the handle of the device will serve much longer.