Pedicure File PNB 100/180 grit, Wooden

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Double-sided pedicure file on a wooden base for effective removal of corns, tough calluses of the feet. Designed for individual pedicure set of the client. Various abrasiveness of the file allows you to clean the skin and polish it.

The width and length of the working surfaces are optimal for comfortable use. For the best results, use PNB Callus Remover softener for the coarsened skin of the feet and corns. After completing the procedure, we recommend to moisturizing and softening the skin. The file is cleaned with a brush and a soap solution, without soaking in disinfectants.

It is dried out. Before the subsequent procedure, it is treated with a disinfectant from a spray or aerosol. It is recommended to store in a paper craft bag.
Length: 235 mm Width: 42 mm. Work surface sizes: 110 mm x 40 mm