VIP Cuticle Oil, 30 ml

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PNB cuticle and nail care oil.
An optimally selected combination of natural oils of сyperus and grape seeds, provides softening of the
cuticle, moisturizing and restoration of the nail plate, improves the strength and elasticity of nails. The
oil also contains extracts of echinacea, ginseng and olive leaf extract, which provides maximum nutrition
and promotes the growth of healthy and strong nails.
VIP Cuticle Oil is saturated with a large number of minerals: phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C
and E, which guarantees complete care and nutrition of both the nail plate and the particularly sensitive
skin around the nail bed. The oil has a pleasant light aroma, high penetrating ability. It does not contain
synthetic additives, fragrances and dyes. Perfect daily care for nails and cuticles both in the salon and at
Apply to a nail plate or cuticle and massage until completely absorbed; for preventive purposes, apply 2-
3 times a week, to eliminate the problem of dry and brittle nails and cuticles, use regularly for two
An eco-friendly glass bottle keeps the pleasant smell of oil and healthy organic substances unchanged
throughout the period of use.
The 30 ml bottle is equipped with a convenient pipette cap, which allows you to make the procedure for
treating cuticles and nails more hygienic, quick and metered. The bottle neck is equipped with a safety
valve. Economical and profitable.