Cuticle Remover, 15 ml

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Cleans and gently removes coarsened cuticle particles. Cleans and gently removes coarsened cuticle
particles.  The innovative formula of the product prevents the formation of burrs, contributes to the
rapid softening of the cuticle, as well as its hydration and conditioning.
Spread evenly over cuticle surface.  After 30-60 seconds, remove the cuticle with an orange stick.  Wash
off the rest of the product with warm water.
15 ml glass bottle with a brush.
Quick drying topcoat PNB, 15 ml
Promotes quick and firm fixation of the decorative coating. Penetrates all layers of lacquer, ensuring
maximum adhesion and drying in a short time. Gives additional durability to the lacquer coating.
Protects the lacquer from abrasion and chipping.