UV/LED Ice IQ Gel, Tarragon PNB, 15 ml

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UV/LED Ice IQ Gel PNB is an ideal material for luxurious extensions. The expansion of the new generation of intellectual gel shades opens up new opportunities for nail stylists. This material is a guarantee of a flawless result and true aesthetic satisfaction. To achieve a truly exquisite effect, just choose a new shade of UV/LED Ice IQ Gel PNB.
PNB UV / LED Ice IQ Gel, Tarragon – menthol color of a gel system that gives a feeling of freshness and novelty. The shade of Tarragon leaves will be an excellent basis for spectacular extension. Get ready for a lot of enthusiastic reviews, because you no longer need to look for gel polish for the desired color solution. Shade and gel in one jar – a complete convenience.

absolute comfort. There is no feeling of "burning" during polymerization;
safe and hypoallergenic material;
without smell;
trendy color;
its ideal for creating a square shape in the reinforcement technique. The angles remain the same throughout the wearing period;
light and fast pollination;
heavy dust does not fly in the air, but collects in large fractions and settles;
presses and holds the arch in both arched and salon modeling;
the material has a special strength and durability after polymerization.

Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
Apply auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the entire plate.
Apply a thin coat of Universal Base PNB / Scotch Base PNB in a circular motion, cure in the lamp for 1 minute.
Install templates.
Take the material with a spatula and lay it on the nail. Wet the brush with Polygel solution PNB, wring out well on a tissue and, starting from the cuticle, spread Ice IQ Gel, building the desired architecture. Dry in LED, UV/LED (combi) lamp for 2 minutes.
If it necessary, press the saloon arch for 10 seconds. Remove residual stickiness with Gel Cleanser.
File the modeled nails with a 180 grit file and buff. Remove dust with a brush.
Finish your manicure with colored gel polish and top coat.