UV/LED Ice IQ Gel, Calla PNB, 5 ml

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PNB UV/LED Ice IQ Gel, Calla – milk polygel with a transparent white texture. The color conveys the beauty of the elegant calla flower. The material perfectly masks all the shortcomings of the nail plate. The perfect shade for a refined modeling makes the gel coating practical and attractive, holistic and unusual. Ice IQ Gel, Calla will be the main field for experiments. Milk color is a great solution for any client: a minimalist or a lover of bright designs.

low temperature (does not hurt in a lamp);
hypoallergenic material;
without smell;
refined milk shade;
soft and fast sawdust;
heavy dust does not fly in the air, but collects in large fractions and settles;
there is no exothermic reaction – no sensation of "burning" on the nails;
presses and holds the arch in both arched and salon modeling;
ideal for creating a square shape in the strengthening technique. The angles remain the same throughout the wearing period;
the material has a special strength and durability after polymerization;
polymerization of a layer no more than 1,5 mm – 1 minute.

Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
Apply auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the entire plate.
Apply a thin coat of Universal Base PNB / Scotch Base PNB in a circular motion, cure in the lamp for 1 minute.
Install templates.
Take the material with a spatula and lay it on the nail. Wet the brush with Polygel solution PNB, wring out well on a tissue and, starting from the cuticle, spread Ice IQ Gel, building the desired architecture. Dry in LED, UV/LED (combi) lamp for 60 seconds.
If it necessary, press the saloon arch for 10 seconds. Remove residual stickiness with Gel Cleanser.
File the modeled nails with a 180 grit file and buff. Remove dust with a brush.
Finish your manicure with colored gel polish and top coat.