IQ Control Nail Gel Cover Pink, 15 ml

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Camouflaging, modeling gel PNB of the new generation. Noble, cold pink shade, medium pigmentation. Also is plastic, thick and homogeneous consistency material. One of the best things the IQ Gel has to offer is the fact it doesn’t run, thanks to his consistency, so you can do both hands. Elasticity and density of IQ Control Gel allows to experiment and create forms of nails of any architecture. Hypoallergenic, without sharp smell. Sawdust off gently, easily and quickly. IQ Control Gel has a wide range of applications: modeling, strengthening and alignment of the nail plate, restoration and prosthetics of injured nails. It is applied in techniques at modelling without forms and without sawdust. It cures in LED, UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. Applied and distributed with a 2in1 spatula brush and Nail Prep auxiliary liquid. As a result, you have strong, yet lightweight nails