Gel Nail Paste PNB «Star Way», 04 Platinum, 5 ml

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Platinum – a luxury of white gold, a bright metallic shine, is a glitter gel paste from
the Star Way PNB collection, which will help to place accents and attract
attention. Glitter in a gel paste is small and small medium size, the consistency is
thick and dense, perfectly keeps its shape, which allows you to easily create the
most sophisticated designs, volume drawings, fine lines, sketches.

Due to the elastic base of PNB Glitter gel pastes Star Way it is possible to completely cover
the nail plate, which is not inferior to color PNB gel polish coatings by durability
from 2 weeks. The gel paste has a slight sticky layer.

Application: it is applied with a brush or any other tool convenient for design on a
standardly prepared nail plate. The cure time in the UV lamp is 2 minutes, in LED,
UV/LED lamp is 60 seconds. For longer wear, we recommend covering the gel
paste design with one of the PNB top coats.
Texture: thick, with foil particles