Gel Nail Paste PNB «Star Way», 02 Pink, 5 ml

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Pink is cold and bewitching, pink color with a metallic sheen from the Star Way
glitter gel paste collection PNB – chic and shine! Ideal for sketches, volume
designs, thin lines and patterns.

Elasticity of the paste allows for both partial and
complete covering of the nails, which will be worn as long as the colored PNB gel
polish coating, for at least 14 days.

Application: it is applied with a brush or any other tool convenient for design on a
standardly prepared nail plate. The cure time in the UV lamp is 2 minutes, in LED,
UV/LED lamp is 60 seconds. For longer wear, we recommend covering the gel
paste design with one of the PNB top coats.
Texture: thick, with foil particles