Gel Paste Bas-Relief (black), 5 ml

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Thick, densely pigmented gel paste, deep black color.  For true sculptors of nail
aesthetics, lovers of voluminous 3D designs, textured nail arts and the finest
openwork drawings! The consistency is creamy and elastic. Ideal for bas-relief
designs with smooth lines and sharp edges. An excellent material for the fine
pigmented drawings. When creating a masterpiece of Bas-Relief gel pastes, you
can use all components of three-dimensional space: length, width and height. It
holds any shape and is fixed in place until it cures! Has no sticky layer. Resistant to
abrasion and chips. The period of wearability at least 14 days. The design by the
bas-relief gel paste PNB is perform at the finish. It is applied over the top coat
without stickiness. It cures 2 – 3 minutes in LED, UVLED lamp (depending on the
height and/or thickness of the lay). After the design is completed by the bas-relief
gel paste, do not cover the nails with the top coat.