Gel Nail Polish PNB mini 357, 4 ml

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Gel polish PNb 357 Spicy Mustard – is a juicy mustard shade just made for sun-kissing. The caramel highlights play with sparkling shimmers, like a shot from a movie where longtime friends meet to barbecue in the backyard, reminisce over funny stories and leave that moment in their hearts forever. This color will allow you to bring your boldest ideas to life!


safe 7 FREE composition;juicy and bright shades;dense pigmentation and chic gloss;comfortable application in 1-2 layers;self-leveling and easy distribution on the nail plate surface;incredible color consistency and saturation;the coating prevents brittleness and exfoliation.


Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
Apply the Nail Dehydrator PNB and Bond Control PNB auxiliary liquids to the entire plate.
Apply a thin layer of UV/LED Scotch / Universal / HEMA Free Base / ExtraPro / Revital Fiber Base PNB.
Apply UV/LED Gel Polish PNB in 1-2 layers, polymerizing each in LED or UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Cover with a PNB top.